The fact that your website is not updated often is probably the main reason why you miss opportunities and receive complaints from your customers. If what you want to promote as a business has changed and your website no longer reflects the goals and dynamics of your business, then maybe it's time to redesign your website or redesign your e-shop.

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A well-designed website can effectively enhance your corporate image and encourage visitors to prefer you for your products or services.

Otherwise a badly crafted, slow or outdated website will not make a good impression on visitors, and no matter how good your product or service is, the visitor will be negatively biased.

There is also the view that websites are no longer so important, since social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. are booming, but this is not the case, your business site is the first thing a potential customer will look at. , and in combination with social media, we have the ability to build a strong online presence.

So although most businesses already have a website or eshop, a very large percentage need redesign and renewal.


Let's look at the point we will focus on

01. Your Website should appear in the search engines.

So we assume that the previous steps have been done correctly and you have a beautiful, functional and responsive site. But you have no visitors. why is this happening;

This is because your site has not been optimized for SEO (search engine optimization)

In this case we refer to onpage seo, ie the techniques that will be applied when creating the pages of your site, such as the use of keywords, meta descriptions, proper structure of pages and articles and much more.

If all this is used correctly, we help google "robots" to understand the content of our site and display it in search results, when a user is looking for something relevant

02. Your Website must be Responsive.

And when we say it must be responsive, we mean it επιβάλλεται.

By responsive we mean the site to be adapted depending on the device used by the visitor.

In the past, all websites were based on desktop screens. But now times, needs and habits have changed, and the majority of internet users use their mobile phone to surf the internet.

Today a website should be designed in such a way that it looks and works perfectly on both computers and tablets and mobile phones. To be precise, we design pages with him as a guide design pattern. mobile first σχεδιασμό.

03. Your Website must have a modern design.

The aesthetic design of a website is important, as a stylish and visually pleasing website will keep the visitor and encourage him to visit it again.

If you built your site more than 4-5 years ago, it is very likely that it will not follow modern design trends and techniques, and an outdated design is perceptible to the average visitor.

This will result in the potential customer associating the bad image of your site with the quality of your products or services and consequently forming a bad image of your own business.

04. Your Website must be unique.

Yes, you read that right, your website should be yours. Just because it can be beautiful, functional, etc., does not mean that it will be unique.

Your site should be unique and stand out from the pages of your other competitors. To bear the identity of the company it represents and not be a default template with changed photos and texts.

Pay close attention to this, so that your site is not just another copy of the many on the internet.


We manage your eshop products and orders. We inform your customers about the progress of their order.

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We update the content of your website (photos, videos, texts) at regular intervals.


We undertake the design and management of your advertising campaigns, Google Adwords, Facebook, etc.


We maintain periodic backups to files and databases of your website for easy and immediate restoration.


We optimize the structure and content of your website so that it is as search engine friendly as possible.


We keep your website updated and safe, upgrading it to its latest version.

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